The name JRS Photo Hardware has been on the scene since 1970, and during all that time it has a earned a great name for Service and Quality in the Photographic world. In fact it received a Fuji Commendation for Outstanding Contribution to Independent Photo Retail in 2016 – a bit like winning an Oscar!

It has been recognised as a “Bricks and Mortar “store but the onset of the Covid 19 Pandemic has forced us to look much closer at the On Line Business as an option to continue to grow.

In this second lockdown we are closed for normal Business but have taken the opportunity to build a new www.jrsphoto.co.uk website and using the Shopify Platform this will develop and grow to help us to stay in Business and at the same time maintain our busy shop.

Ordering prints on line is an easy way to print your favourite photos and remember actual photos will last much longer than images stored on Digital Devices especially mobile phones.

There is also a whole range of services that we can do online like buying Cameras and Lenses as well as Binoculars, Telescopes and a wide range of accessories.

We have a great service of scanning and printing photos and slides and restoring old photographs that you may have forgotten about not to mention making a beautiful Canvas print of your favourite photo. Our Photo Caricatures are becoming very popular as well.

By using our EBay shop we are able to sell your second hand kit on a commission basis so look out the old kit you no longer use but may have a value and we can sell it for you raising a wee bit of valuable cash.

Passport and Visa Photos have developed into a large proportion of our Business and we have invested in new Software to help us guarantee the correct size and style of photos for the wide variety of world requirements.

We are here to help nurture and develop your interest in all the aspects of Photography and we look forward to helping you with your selection of Photographic Gear and photographs in whatever form they take either in the shop or on line.

Just get in touch.


Alister H Walker CBIFM

Managing Director

JRS Photo Hardware L